Dr Daniela Rossi

Healthy habits start early

Dentistry for children

Great dental visits as a child lead to wonderful dental practices as adults, so it's important that all our younger patients feel safe, comfortable, and cared for every time they visit. We strive to ensure that our young patients always enjoy their visit and leave feeling positive and encouraged about their dental health. We've worked with patients as young as 1-2 years old, so we've got the skills to care for kids of all ages; and being Mom's ourselves, we have that special touch that makes children feel even more comfortable, relaxed and at home.

We believe that healthy dental habits start early, so we partner with parent's to help ensure that all our young patients have an opportunity to develop great oral hygiene habits right from the start.

We help reinforce parent's efforts to develop good brushing practices – we can even demonstrate brushing techniques for children during their visit. We have a "Wall of Fame" which encourages children to take good care of their teeth in order to achieve stars next to their pictures on The Wall when they achieve a No-cavity check-up. We even have on-line resources and links to videos and other information sources in our Patient Education section that can demonstrate proper oral hygiene techniques, and answer questions related to children's oral health. It's important that as your family dentist, we partner with parents to ensure that your children's smiles are bright and healthy for years to come.