Dr Daniela Rossi

We explore all your options


Although we all try and avoid it wherever possible, tooth extractions are sometimes a necessary part of overall oral health. When a tooth is severely decayed beyond what is reasonable to save, and when your discomfort level with a decaying tooth is very high, Dr. Rossi can extract your tooth, thereby preventing infection and reducing your discomfort.

Before your extraction, the tooth is assessed to determine all treatment options and consequences. We always ensure that our patients are well informed of their options prior to any procedure, so you can make an informed decision. During your extraction process, we'll ensure that you're well anesthetized. In addition to typical freezing procedures, Nitrous oxide, or "laughing gas"; or preoperative oral medication is also available and can be administered to help with any anxiety during the procedure.

In order to aid you in your recovery from an extraction, we'll provide you with a specific set of instructions for caring for your mouth in the hours and days following the procedure. If necessary, we'll also prescribe medication to help relieve pain.

If you have wisdom teeth, they can become problematic if they are not erupting (emerging through your gums) properly. We can assess and determine if your wisdom teeth are likely to be problematic, and recommend the appropriate treatment or referral to an Oral Surgeon if necessary.