Dr Daniela Rossi

Patient Education


Dentures are used as a replacement for teeth that have been extracted. There are two types of dentures – full dentures, which are used when all natural teeth are no longer available, and partial dentures, which are used when a patient still has some existing natural teeth. Many patients come to us for all their denture needs. We fit patients with new dentures, fix existing ones, and we can even help you replace old dentures as needed. Whatever your denture need, we're here to help so you can feel confident and comfortable every time you smile.

To learn more about dentures, please click here to view a short video, or visit our patient education section for a complete selection of available videos. It is always recommended that you discuss any procedure, questions or concerns that you may have with Dr. Rossi before having any work completed, to ensure that you are comfortable and have all the answers you need to feel confident in your decision.